breakfast and food delivery application preview

Breakfast Delivery

Looking for Breakfast delivery? Find local Breakfast bakeries and restaurants that deliver. View menus, coupons and reviews. Fast and free delivery to your place when ordering online from

breakfast and food delivery application preview

Breakfast Delivery will be available soon!

You'll be able to find bakeries and restaurants near you, plus delve into menus from bakeries and restaurants that do not have a website or delivery service yet. Breakfast information will include ingredients, bakery/restaurant location info as well as other pertinent details such as which environmental packaging is currently used. Moreover, all breakfast products will have photos. Over time, we hope to have a detailed listing of every single bakery and restaurant location in Sofia!

Fresh, and Healthy Breakfast Deliverd

Order quickly a fresh, healthy and tastefull breakfast for home or office in Sofia. Fast delivery of your favorite sandwhiches - yogurths, fruits, banitza's and more. is the fastest and easiest way to order breakfast wherever you are. By just a few taps, you can choose and order from over 100 bakeries and 30 restaurants types across the capital Sofia, which increases in number every day.

Whether your love Sandwhiches, Yogurths, Fruits, Bulgarian-, English Breakfast, or juices, at you'll find the largest selection of the best Bakeries and Restuarants. Soon you can simply select your neighborhood and we will show you were you can order from. You can also order on the go and get your food straight from the bakery with our new service Takeout. Moreover, with our weeky and monthly subscription plans, you never have to worry to have a quick, fresh and healthy breakfast on the go, at work or for your company.

Olaf Guikema (Director)

As many people skip their most important meal of the day, we would like to introduce an easy solution to give your day a better start. In the near future we will start offering weekly and monthly subscriptions, so you do not have to worry about a healty, fresh and quick breakfast.